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Anthropology today 0268-540XANTHROPOLOGY
American Anthropologist 0002-7294ANTHROPOLOGY
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 0001-8686CHEMISTRY
Annals of Library and Information Studies 0972-5423LIBRARY SCIENCE
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology 066-4200LIBRARY SCIENCE
Asian News Digest  GENERAL
Asian Studies 0970-7301GENERAL
Asian Survey 0004-4687POLITICAL SCIENCE
Analytical Monthly Review  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Alternatives 0304-3754POLITICAL SCIENCE
Africa Quarterly 0001-9828POLITICAL SCIENCE
Analysis 0003-2638PHILOSOPHY
Aakademi Patrika  BENGALI
Anustup  BENGALI
Aikatan Gabeshana Patra  BENGALI
Advanced Nonlinear Studies 1536-1365MATHEMATICS
Acta Ciencia Indica 0970-0455MATHEMATICS
Artha suchi 0970-8162ECONOMICS
Artha Vijnana 0971-586XECONOMICS
Asian Economic Review  ECONOMICS
Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics 0972-3986ECONOMICS
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute  HISTORY
Asian Development Outlook 0117-0481ECONOMICS
Atlantic Critical Review 0972-6373ENGLISH
American Drama 1061-0057ENGLISH
Annals of Arid Zone 0570-1791GEOGRAPHY
Annals of the Association of American Geographers 0004-5608GEOGRAPHY
Agropedology 0971-1570GEOGRAPHY
All India Reporter  LAW
Annual Survey of Indian Law  LAW
Abacus 0001-3099MATHEMATICS
ABC Political Science 0001-0456POLITICAL SCIENCE
Accounts of Chemical Research 0001-4842CHEMISTRY
Acta Crystallographica 0108-2701CHEMISTRY
Acta Crystallographica A 0108-7673CHEMISTRY
Acta Crystallographica B 0108-7681CHEMISTRY
Acta Crystallographica C 0108-2701CHEMISTRY
Acta Mechanica 0001-5970PHYSICS
Abstracts in Anthropology 0001-3455ANTHROPOLOGY
Accountancy 0001-4664COMMERCE
Accountant  COMMERCE
Accountant Digest 0001-4737COMMERCE
Accounting and Business Research 0001-4788COMMERCE
Accounting Reviews 0001-4826COMMERCE
Advance Management Journal 0036-0805COMMERCE
Advances in Applied Probability 0001-8678MATHEMATICS
Advances in Physical Science  PHYSICS
Advances in Physics 0001-8732PHYSICS
African Journal of Ecology 0141-6707BOTANY
Afro-Asian and World Affairs  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Agricultural Economics 0169-5150ECONOMICS
AICC Economic Review  ECONOMICS
Alekhya  BENGALI
Alpine Journal 0065-6569GENERAL
American Historical Review 0002-8762HISTORY
Akademi Journal  NEPALI
Aaha Sangeet  NEPALI
American Journal of Botany 0002-9122BOTANY
American Journal of Human Genetics 0002-9297ZOOLOGY
American Journal of International Law 0002-9300LAW
American Journal of Physics 0002-9505PHYSICS
American Mathematics Society  MATHEMATICS
American Naturalist 0003-0147BOTANY
American Philosophical Quarterly 0003-0481PHILOSOPHY
American Political Science Review 0003-0554POLITICAL SCIENCE
American Libraries 0002-9769GENERAL
Analytical Chemistry 0003-2700CHEMISTRY
Angewandte Chemie  CHEMISTRY
Annales de l`institute Henri Poincare A  CHEMISTRY
Annales de l`institute Henri Poincare B  CHEMISTRY
Annals of Mathematical Statistics  MATHEMATICS
Annals of Mathematics 0003-4835MATHEMATICS
Annals of Physics 0003-4916PHYSICS
Annals of Statistics 0090-5364MATHEMATICS
Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry A 0069-3022CHEMISTRY
Annual Reports on the Progress of Chemistry B 0069-3030CHEMISTRY
Applicable Analysis: An International Journal 0003-6811MATHEMATICS
Applied Physics Letters 0003-6951PHYSICS
Applied Science and Development 0341-6151PHYSICS
Applied Scientific Research 0003-6994PHYSICS
Applied Statistics 0035-9254PHYSICS
Archives of Mechanics  PHYSICS
American Sociological Review 0003-1224SOCIOLOGY
Ancient India  HISTORY
Animal Behaviour 0003-3742ZOOLOGY
Animal Kingdom 0003-3537ZOOLOGY
Annals of International Geographical Year  GEOGRAPHY
Annals of Library Science and Documentation 0003-4835LIBRARY SCIENCE
Annals of the National Association of Geographer  GEOGRAPHY
Anthropose  GEOGRAPHY
Antipode 0066-4812HISTORY
Area 0004-0894GEOGRAPHY
ASCI Journal of Management  COMMERCE
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 0168-1591ZOOLOGY
Applied Geography 0143-6228GEOGRAPHY
Asian Development Review 0116-1105ECONOMICS
Annals of Nuclear Energy 0306-4549PHYSICS
Annals of Nuclear Science and Engineering  PHYSICS
Aadan Pradan  HINDI
Aajkal  HINDI
Alochana  HINDI
Anubad Bharati  HINDI
Annals of Probability 0091-1798MATHEMATICS
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 0002-7162POLITICAL SCIENCE
Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 0066-3786ENGLISH
Applied Animal Ethology 0304-3762ZOOLOGY
Asian Journal of Economics and Social Studies 0116-1105ECONOMICS
Assam Review and Tea News  ECONOMICS
Astronomy and Astrophysics 0004-6361PHYSICS
Astrophysical Journal 0004-637XPHYSICS
Astrophysics 0571-7256PHYSICS
Astrophysics and Space Science 0004-640XPHYSICS
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables 0092-604XPHYSICS
Australasian Journal of Philosophy 0004-8402PHILOSOPHY
Australian Journal of Chemistry 0004-9425CHEMISTRY
Australian Journal of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Australian Journal of Physics 0004-9506PHYSICS
Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 0310-7841ZOOLOGY
Australian Journal of Scientific Research  PHYSICS
Agricultural Situations in India 0002-167GEOGRAPHY
Academy of Management Journal 0001-4273, 1948-0989Commerce
Aneek  Bengali
Applied & Environmental Microbiology 1098-5336Life sciences biology
Asian Profile 0304-8675Himalayan Studies
AEJ: Applied Economics 19457790, 19457782Economics
AEJ: Economic Policy 19457731Economics
AEJ: Macroeconomics 19457707Economics
AEJ: Microeconomics 19457669Economics
American Economic Review 0002-8282, 1944-7981Economics
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 0002-9092, 1467-8276Economics
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 2040-5790, 2040-5804Economics
Antiquity 0003-598X, 1745-1744History & geography
Artibus Asiae 0004-3648History & geography
American Mathematical Monthly 29890Mathematics
Asian Journal of Mathematics 1093-6106, 1945-0036Mathematics
Ariel 0004-1327, 1920-1222English.& Old English literatures
Ancient Science of Life 1875-5704, 1875-676XPharmacology & therapeutics
American Journal of Sociology 00029602, 15375390Sociology & anthropology
Administrative Change 0302-2986Political science
Alternatives: Global, Local, Political  Political science
All England Law Reports 1464-5599Law
Business India 0254-5268COMMERCE
Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Dibrugarh University  ANTHROPOLOGY
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 0885-4513BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 0009-2673CHEMISTRY
Bank Quest  COMMERCE
Business World  COMMERCE
Bhraman  GENERAL
Book Review Index 0972-8481GENERAL
Bulletin of Materials Science  SCIENCE
Bulletin of Indian Academy of Sericulture  ZOOLOGY
Bulletin on Environmental Science 0971-1732ZOOLOGY
British Journal of Political Science 0007-1234POLITICAL SCIENCE
Bangla Sahitya Patrika  BENGALI
Bulletin of the Culcutta Mathematical Society 0008-0659MATHEMATICS
Bulletin of the Allahabad Mathematical Society 0971-0493MATHEMATICS
Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society 0126-6705MATHEMATICS
Boiyer Desh  BENGALI
Bhandar  BENGALI
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 0041-977XHISTORY
Bhagirath  GEOGRAPHY
Bimochan  NEPALI
Bageswari  NEPALI
Bhasa  HINDI
Bahurupi  BENGALI
Bangladesh Development Studies 0304-095XECONOMICS
Bangadarshan  BENGALI
Bat Research News 0005-6227ZOOLOGY
Behavioral and Neural Biology 0005-6227BOTANY
Behavioral Science 0005-7940SOCIOLOGY
Behavioral Science and Community Development  SOCIOLOGY
Behaviour Research Method and Instrumentation 0005-7879BOTANY
Behaviour: An International Journal of Comparative and Experimental Ethology 0005-7959ZOOLOGY
Bhagirath: The Irrigation and Power Quarterly  PHYSICS
Bharatbarsha  BENGALI
Bibliography of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 0305-1978BOTANY
Biological Conservation 0006-3207BOTANY
Biometrica 0006-3444BOTANY
Botanical Gazette 0006-8071BOTANY
British Book News 0007-0343GENERAL
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 0007-4985MATHEMATICS
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 0007-0882PHYSICS
British Journal of Applied Physics  Physics
British Journal of Industrial Relations 0007-1080ECONOMICS
British Journal of Psychology 0007-1269PHILOSOPHY
British Journal of Sociology 0007-1315SOCIOLOGY
Bulletin de l`Academic Polonaire des Sciences Techniques  PHYSICS
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  MATHEMATICS
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 0003-0503PHYSICS
Bulletin of the Botanical Society of Bengal 0006-811XBOTANY
Bulletin of the Cultural Research Institute  SOCIOLOGY
Bulletin of the Department of English  ENGLISH
Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 0020-2894HISTORY
Bulletin of the Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture  GENERAL
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 0037-1106GEOGRAPHY
Behavioral Neuro Science  BOTANY
Bengal: past and present 0005-8807HISTORY
Bentham Science Life Science Collection (65 Titles) 1875-6697, 1873-5592Pharmacology & therapeutics
Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical Society 0008-0659Mathematics
Brahmavidya: The Adyar Library Bulletin 9083-1209Serials in other languages
Current anthropology 0011-3204ANTHROPOLOGY
Chartered Accountant  COMMERCE
Chartered Financial Analyst  COMMERCE
Civil Service Chronicle 0971-4073GENERAL
Competition Success Review  GENERAL
Competition Master  GENERAL
Current Sociology 0011-3921SOCIOLOGY
Comparative Sociology 1569-1322SOCIOLOGY
Commonwealth & comparative Politics 0306-3631POLITICAL SCIENCE
Chaturanga  BENGALI
Complexity 1076-2787MATHEMATICS
Communications in Analysis and Geometry 1019-8385MATHEMATICS
Communications in contemporary Mathematics 0219-1997MATHEMATICS
Culcutta Historical Journal 0254-9794 
Calcutta Historical Journal 0254-9794HISTORY
Critical Practice 0972-4230ENGLISH
Contemporary Literature 0010-7484ENGLISH
Commonwealth Review  ENGLISH
CIEFL Bulletin 0970-8340ENGLISH
Critical Quarterly 0011-1562ENGLISH
Consumer Protection & Trade Practice Journal  LAW
Current Indian Statutes  LAW
Company Cases  LAW
Criminal Law Journal  LAW
Calcutta Weekly Notes  LAW
Central India Law Quarterly  LAW
Cochine University Law Review  LAW
College  NEPALI
Chandrika  NEPALI
Chawbandi  NEPALI
Chintan Srijan  HINDI
Canadian Journal of Botany 0008-4026BOTANY
Calcutta Geographical Review  GEOGRAPHY
California Management Review 0008-1256COMMERCE
Canadian Geographer 0008-3658GEOGRAPHY
Canadian Geographical Journal 0008-3674GEOGRAPHY
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 0008-3976ECONOMICS
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 0008-4042CHEMISTRY
Canadian Journal of Economics 0008-4085ECONOMICS
Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 0831-2796BOTANY
Canadian Journal of Philosophy 0045-5091PHILOSOPHY
Canadian Journal of Physics  PHYSICS
Canadian Journal of Political Science 0008-4239POLITICAL SCIENCE
Cancer Research 0008-5472BOTANY
Capital: Economics, Industry, Public Affairs  ECONOMICS
Caryologia 0008-7114BOTANY
Cellular Immunology 0008-8749BOTANY
Centre for Library and Information Science  LIBRARY SCIENCE
Chatuskone  BENGALI
Chemical Abstracts 0009-2258CHEMISTRY
Chemical Physics Letters 0009-2614PHYSICS
Chemical Review 0009-2665CHEMISTRY
Chemical Society Reviews 0306-0012CHEMISTRY
Chemische Berichte  CHEMISTRY
Chemistry and Industry  CHEMISTRY
Chemistry in Britain 0009-3106CHEMISTRY
Chicago Review 0009-3696ENGLISH
Chromosoma 0009-5915BOTANY
Classical and Quantum Gravity 0264-9381PHYSICS
Classical Quarterly 0009-8388ENGLISH
Clays and Clay Minerals 0009-8604GEOGRAPHY
Clinical and Experimental Immunology 0009-9104BOTANY
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communication  CHEMISTRY
College English 0010-0994ENGLISH
Commerce  COMMERCE
Commodity Trade Statistics: Statistical Paper Series D  ECONOMICS
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 0010-3640MATHEMATICS
Comparative Criticism 0144-7564ENGLISH
Comparative Literature  ENGLISH
Comparative Political Studies 0010-4140POLITICAL SCIENCE
Comptes Rendus A & B  PHYSICS
Comptes Rendus D  CHEMISTRY
Copeia 0045-8511ZOOLOGY
Comparative Studies in Society and History 0010-4175HISTORY
Contemporary Physics 0010-7514PHYSICS
Cornhill Magazine  ENGLISH
Criterion  ENGLISH
Cytologia 0011-4545BOTANY
Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 0011-4537BOTANY
Cha-ki-bat 0970-4647GENERAL
Calcutta Review. 0045-3846ENGLISH
Current chemical papers   
Current Bioactive Compounds 1573-4072Life sciences biology
Chemistry - An Asian Journal 1861-4728, 1861-471XChemistry & allied sciences
China Report 0009-4455, 0973-063XHimalayan Studies
Current opinion in food Science 2214-7993Food technology
CMIE Prowess Dx  Economics
Current Science 0011-3891Natural sciences & mathematics
Current History 0011-3530History & geography
Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin 0008-0683Mathematics
Canadian Journal of Microbiology 0008-4166Life sciences biology
College Literature 0093-3139, 1542-4286English & Old English
Comparative American Studies 17412676, 14775700English & Old English
Comparative Critical Studies 1744-1854, 1750-0109English & Old English
Comparative Literature Studies 0010-4132, 1528-4212English & Old English
Counter Text 20564406English & Old English
Critical Inquiry 0093-1896English & Old English
Critical Survey 00111570, 17522293English & Old English
Contributions to Indian Sociology 0069-9667, 0973-0648Sociology & anthropology
Comparative Politics 00104159, 21516227Political science
Croatian Journal of Philosophy 1847-6139Philosophy & psychology
Calcutta Law Times 0971-748XLaw
Cultural Sociology (Part of Sociology & Cultural Sociology Package) 1749-9755, 1749-9763Sociology & anthropology
Data Quest  COMPUTER
Developer IQ  COMPUTER
Decision 0304-0941COMMERCE
Data India 0377 / 6832GENERAL
DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology 0971-4383GENERAL
Dialogue 0973-0095SOCIOLOGY
Demography India 0970-454XSOCIOLOGY
Darshana International 0011-6734PHILOSOPHY
Dibaratrir Kabyo  BENGALI
Deccan Geographer 0011-7269GEOGRAPHY
Down to Earth 0971-8079GEOGRAPHY
Drishya Nepal  NEPALI
Dibya Bharati  NEPALI
Diyalo  NEPALI
Daityabodh  HINDI
Demography: Journal of Population 0070-3370SOCIOLOGY
Development Digest  ECONOMICS
Developmental and Comparative Immunology 0145-305XLIFE SCIENCE
Developmental Biology  BOTANY
Direct Tax Bulletin  COMMERCE
Discrete Mathematics 0012-365XMATHEMATICS
Discussions of the Faraday Society  CHEMISTRY
Drama Review 1054-2043ENGLISH
Demography 0070-3370SOCIOLOGY
Divorce and Matrimonial Cases  Law
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 1434-1938CHEMISTRY
Electronics for you 0013-516XCOMPUTER
Expert Systems: The International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Neural Networks 0266-4720COMPUTER
Entomon 0377-9335ZOOLOGY
Environment and Ecology 0970-0420ZOOLOGY
European Journal of Entomology 1210-5759ZOOLOGY
Europhysics Letters 0295-5075PHYSICS
Ebong Mushayera  BENGALI
Ebong Eai Samay  BENGALI
Econometrics Journal 1368-4221ECONOMICS
Economic Affairs 0424-2513ECONOMICS
Economic and Political Weekly  ECONOMICS
European Journal of International Relations 1354-0661HISTORY
Economic Intelligence Service  ECONOMICS
Econometrica 0012-9682ECONOMICS
Economic Journal 0013-0133ECONOMICS
Economic Record 0013-0249ECONOMICS
Economic Survey  ECONOMICS
Economica 0013-0427ECONOMICS
Economist  ECONOMICS
Ethnology 0014-1828HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Ethnic and Racial Studies 0141-9870HIMALAYAN STUDIES
ENVIS Bulletin: Himalayan Ecology 0971-7447HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Economy and Society 0308-5147HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Economic Journal of Nepal  HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Essays in Criticism 0014-0856ENGLISH
Economic Geography 0013-0095GEOGRAPHY
Eastern Economist  ECONOMICS
Ecological Monographs 0012-9615LIFE SCIENCE
Ecology 0012-9658LIFE SCIENCE
Economic Botany 0013-0001BOTANY
Economic Development and Cultural Change 0013-0079ECONOMICS
Economic Studies  ECONOMICS
Economic Weekly  ECONOMICS
Economics 1058-1758ECONOMICS
Economics of Planning 0013-0451ECONOMICS
Economic Appliquee  ECONOMICS
Ekistics: the Problems and Science of Human Settlements 0013-2942SOCIOLOGY
Election Archives and International Politics  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Enact: the Indian Drama Monthly  ENGLISH
Endocrinology 0013-7227BOTANY
English 0013-8215ENGLISH
English Historical Review 0013-8266HISTORY
English Language Teaching Journal 0307-8337ENGLISH
English Literature in Transition 0307-8337ENGLISH
English Studies 0013-838XENGLISH
Environment and People  COMMERCE
Environmental Pollution  BOTANY
Erkenntnis: an International Journal of Analytic Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
European Economic Review 0014-2921ECONOMICS
European Journal of Immunology 0014-2980BOTANY
Evolution 0014-3820BOTANY
Experimental Cell Research 0014-4827 
Encounter 0013-7073GENERAL
Economia Internationale 0012-981XECONOMICS
Ecological Economics 0921-8009Economics
Economic Outlook (CMIE)  Economics
EPWRF Time Series  Economics
Eastern Anthropologist 0012-8686Sociology & anthropology
Ethics 0014-1704, 1539-297XPhilosophy & psychology
Ethnography 14661381, 17412714Sociology & anthropology
Ethnicities 14687968, 17412706Sociology & anthropology
Finance & Development 0015-1947COMMERCE
Finance India 0970-3772COMMERCE
Focus WTO 0972-2076COMMERCE
Far Eastern Economic Review  General
Frontier 0016-2094GENERAL
Frontline 0970-1710GENERAL
Fishing Chimes 0971-4529ZOOLOGY
Family Relations 0197-6664SOCIOLOGY
Fractals 0218-348XMATHEMATICS
Federation Proceedings 0014-9446BOTANY
Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society 0301-7249CHEMISTRY
Fertiliser Statistics  ECONOMICS
Financial Executive  ECONOMICS
Folia Primatologica 0015-5713ZOOLOGY
Foreign Affairs Reports  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Fortschritte der physik  PHYSICS
Foundation of Physics 0015-9018PHYSICS
Fundamental mathematica 0016-2736MATHEMATICS
Financial Analysts Journal 0015-198X, 1938-3312Commerce
Food Microbiology 07400020, 10959998Life sciences biology
Fitoterapia 0367-326XPharmacology & therapeutics
Foreign Affairs 0015-7120Political science
Geobios 0251-1223ZOOLOGY
Gandhi Marg 0016-4437POLITICAL SCIENCE
Gananatya  BENGALI
Gender, Technology and Development 0971-8524ECONOMICS
Geography 0016-7487GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Review 001607429GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Perspectives  GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Review of India 0375-6386GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Journal 0016-7398GEOGRAPHY
Geografiska Annaler 0435-3684GEOGRAPHY
Garima  NEPALI
Gyangunka kura  NEPALI
Genetica 0016-6707BOTANY
Genetical research  BOTANY
Gambit: International Theatre Review 0016-4283ENGLISH
General Relativity and Gravitation 0001-7701PHYSICS
Genetics  BOTANY
Genetics Abstracts 0016-674XBOTANY
Genome 0831-2796BOTANY
Geoforum 0016-7185GEOGRAPHY
Geografiska Annaler B 0435-3676GEOGRAPHY
Geographia Polonica 0016-7282GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Abstracts 0268-7879GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Analysis 0016-7363GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society  GEOGRAPHY
Geographical Outlook  GEOGRAPHY
Geological Society of America Bulletin 0016-7606GEOGRAPHY
German Economic Review  ECONOMICS
GIS Development  GEOGRAPHY
Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics Studies  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Government and Opposition  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Grantha Parikrama  BENGALI
Geographer  GEOGRAPHY
Goods & Services Tax Cases 0975-9913Commerce
Global Business Review 0972-1509, 0973-0664Commerce
Genomics 0888-7543, 1089-8646Animals (Zoology)
Historical Research 0950-3471HISTORY
Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy  ECONOMICS
Himalaya 0891-4834HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Hill Geographer  GEOGRAPHY
Health & Place 1353-8292GEOGRAPHY
Herald of Library Science  LAW
Hans Khel Garun  NEPALI
Hamro Dhwani  NEPALI
Harijan  HISTORY
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 0073-0548HISTORY
Helvetica Chimica Acta 0018-019XCHEMISTRY
Helvetica Physica Acta  PHYSICS
Henry James Review 0273-0340ENGLISH
Heriditas 0018-0661BOTANY
Heridity 0018-067XBOTANY
Himalaya: Man and Nature  GEOGRAPHY
Himalayan Mountaineering Journal  GENERAL
Himalayan Paryavaran 0971-8931HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Himalayan Research Bulletin 0891-4834HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Historical Abstracts A 0363-2717HISTORY
Historical Abstracts B 0363-2725HISTORY
History of Political Economy 0018-2702ECONOMICS
History Today 0018-2753HISTORY
History: Journal of the Historical Association 0018-2648HISTORY
Hormones and Behaviour 0018-506XBOTANY
Human Ecology: an Interdisciplinary Journal 0300-7839GEOGRAPHY
Human Genetics 0340-6717BOTANY
Humanist Way  ECONOMICS
Harvard Business Review 0017-8012Commerce
Himalayan and Central Asian Studies 0971-9318 
History and Sociology of South Asia 22308075, 22495312Sociology & anthropology
Harvard Law Review 0017-811XLaw
Human Organisation 19383525, 00187259Sociology & anthropology
Indian anthropologist 0970-0927ANTHROPOLOGY
Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics  ANTHROPOLOGY
International Journal of Human Genetics 0972-3757ANTHROPOLOGY
Indian Journal of Biotechnology 0972-5849BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Indian Horticulture 0019-4875BOTANY
Indian Journal of Microbiology 0046-8991BOTANY
Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 0019-5502BOTANY
Indian journal of Chemical Technology 0971-457XCHEMISTRY
Indian Journal of Chemistry: Section A 0376-4710CHEMISTRY
Indian Journal of Chemistry: Section B 0376-4699CHEMISTRY
IEEE Intelligent Systems 1541-1672COMPUTER
Information Technology 0971-233XCOMPUTER
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 1057-7149COMPUTER
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 0018-9448COMPUTER
IETE Journal of Research 0377-2063COMPUTER
Indian Accounting Review 0972-1754COMMERCE
Indian Management  COMMERCE
ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance 0972-5105COMMERCE
ICFAI Journal of Behavioral Finance 0972-9089COMMERCE
Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 0019-5022BOTANY
Indian Journal of Commerce  COMMERCE
Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 0019-5200BOTANY
Indian Journal of Pediatrics 0019-5456ANTHROPOLOGY
ILA Bulletin 0970-4728LIBRARY SCIENCE
India Today  GENERAL
Indian Biologist 0302-7554GENERAL
Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 0301-1208SCIENCE
Indian Journal of Information, Library & Society 0971-4286LIBRARY SCIENCE
Indian Judgement Reporter 0970-3152 
Indian Library Science Abstracts 0019-5790LIBRARY SCIENCE
Indian Railways 0019-6274 
Indian Science Abstracts 0019-6339SCIENCE
International Library Movement 0970-0048 
Israeli Journal of Aquqculture 0792-156XZOOLOGY
Info Fish International 1511-5976ZOOLOGY
Indian Silk 0019-6355ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Sericulture 0445-7722ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition 0970-3209ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 0367-8318ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Entomology 0367-8288ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 0019-5189ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Fisheries 0970-6011ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Medical Research 0971-5916ZOOLOGY
Indian Journal of Physiology and Allied Sciences 0367-8350ZOOLOGY
International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 1742-7584ZOOLOGY
Islam and the Modern Age  SCIENCE
International Sociology 02685809, 14617242Sociology & anthropology
Indian Social Science Review 0972-0731SOCIOLOGY
Indian Journal of Social Work 0019-5634SOCIOLOGY
Indian Journal of Social Research 0019-5626SOCIOLOGY
Indian Journal of Social Development 0971-3692SOCIOLOGY
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 0019-5286SOCIOLOGY
IASSI Quarterly 0970-9061SOCIOLOGY
International Studies 0020-8817Political science
International Relations in a Globalising World 0972-8864POLITICAL SCIENCE
International Political Science Review 0192-5121Political science
International Journal of Rural Management 0973-0052POLITICAL SCIENCE
International Affairs 0020-5850POLITICAL SCIENCE
Indian Journal of Politics 0303-9951POLITICAL SCIENCE
India Review 1473-6489POLITICAL SCIENCE
ICWA Foreign Affairs Reports  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Indian Journal of Political Science 0019-5510POLITICAL SCIENCE
Indian Police Journal  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Inquiry 0020-174XPHILOSOPHY
Indian Philosophical Quarterly 0376-415XPHILOSOPHY
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 0019-5596PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences 0971-4588PHYSICS
Indian Literature 0019-5804BENGALI
Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics 0019-5588MATHEMATICS
International Journal of Middle East Studies 0020-7438HISTORY
Indian Historical Studies  HISTORY
Indian Mountaineer 0971-426XHIMALAYAN STUDIES
Indian Cartographer  HIMALAYAN STUDIES
India International Centre Quarterly  HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Indian Development Review 0972-9437ECONOMICS
India Infrastructure Report  ECONOMICS
Indian Economic Journal 0019-4662ECONOMICS
Indian Economic Review  ECONOMICS
Indian Infrastructure  ECONOMICS
Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 0019-5014ECONOMICS
Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing  ECONOMICS
Indian Journal of Economics and Business 0972-5784ECONOMICS
Indian Journal of Economics 0019-5170ECONOMICS
Indian Journal of Labour Economics 0971-7927ECONOMICS
Interventions 1369-801XENGLISH
Indo-American Review  ENGLISH
Indian PEN 0019-6053ENGLISH
Indian Journal of English Studies  ENGLISH
In-Between 0971-9474ENGLISH
ITPI Journal 0537-9676GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 0970-3349GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Regional Science 0046-9017GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development 0019-5537GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Geology 0970-1354GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Landscape Systems 0971-4170GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Transport Management 0972-5695ECONOMICS
Indian Labour Journal 0019-5723ECONOMICS
International Economic Review 1468-2354ECONOMICS
Indian Geographical Journal 0019-4824GEOGRAPHY
Income Tax Reports  LAW
Indian Journal of international Law  LAW
Index to Indian Legal Periodicals  LAW
IDSA News Review on South East Asia  POLITICAL SCIENCE
IEE Proceedings 0143-702XPHYSICS
IEEE Intelligence Systems 0885-9000COMPUTER
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 0018-9499PHYSICS
IL Nuovo Cimento  CHEMISTRY
IL Nuovo Cimento A 0369-3546CHEMISTRY
IL Nuovo Cimento B 0369-3554CHEMISTRY
IL Nuovo Cimento Letter  CHEMISTRY
Immunology 0019-2805BOTANY
Impact of Science on Society 0019-2872LIBRARY
Imprint  LIBRARY
Income Tax Journal  COMMERCE
Indian Antiquary  HISTORY
Indian Archives  HISTORY
Indian Culture  HISTORY
Indian Dissertation Abstracts 0250-9709LIBRARY
Indian Finance  ECONOMICS
Indian Geographical Studies  GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Accounting  COMMERCE
Indian Journal of American Studies 0019-5030ENGLISH
Indian International Centre Quarterly 0376-9771HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Indian Journal of Chemistry  CHEMISTRY
Indian Journal of Finance and Research  COMMERCE
Indian Journal of Forensic Science  ANTHROPOLOGY
Indian Journal of Geography  GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Geomorphology  GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Heredity  ANTHROPOLOGY
Indian Journal of History of Science  PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health  ANTHROPOLOGY
Indian Journal of Mechanics and Mathematics  PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Meteorology and Geophysics  GEOGRAPHY
Indian Journal of Psychology 0019-5553PHILOSOPHY
Indian Journal of Technology 0019-5669PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Social Science 0971-0817SOCIOLOGY
Indian Minerals  GEOGRAPHY
Indian Recorder and Digest  LIBRARY
Indian Political Science Review 0019-6126POLITICAL SCIENCE
Indian Studies: Past and Present  HISTORY
Indian Trade Journal  COMMERCE
Indo-British Review 0019-7211HISTORY
Industrial Times  ECONOMICS
Inorganic Chemistry 0020-1669CHEMISTRY
Institute of British Geographers  GEOGRAPHY
International and Comparative Law Quarterly  LAW
International Financial Statistics 0020-6725ECONOMICS
International Information and Library Review 1057-2317LIBRARY SCIENCE
International Journal of Control 0020-7179PHYSICS
International Journal of Development Banking 0970-1044ECONOMICS
International Journal of Electronics 0020-7217PHYSICS
International Journal of Engineering Science 0020-7225PHYSICS
International Journal of Phermacology 0925-1618ZOOLOGY
International Journal of Plant Physiology 0044-328XBOTANY
International Journal of Politics 0012-8783POLITICAL SCIENCE
International Monetary Fund 0020-8027ECONOMICS
International Journal of Radiation Biology  PHYSICS
International Journal of Solid and Structure 0020-7683PHYSICS
International Labour Review 0020-7780ECONOMICS
International Library Review 0020-7837GENERAL
International Organization 0020-8183GENERAL
Indian Journal of Physics A 0252-9262PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Physics B  PHYSICS
Indian Journal of Theoritical Physics  PHYSICS
Indian Library Science Review 0020-6688Library & information sciences
Indian Library Science Information 0020-6688Library & information sciences
Indian Library Science Journal 0020-6688Library & information sciences
Indian Library Information 0033-2122 
Indian Journal of Marketing 9738703Commerce
Indian Journal of Gender Studies 0971-5215, 0973-0672Economics
Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technology 14668564Food technology
Institute of Physics - eSS collection  Physics
IFLA Journal 0340-0352, 1745-2651Library & information sciences
IASLIC Bulletin 0011-3891Library & information sciences
Indian Forester 0019-4816, 2321-094XGeography & travel
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 1365-8816, 1362-3087Geography & travel
Indian Economic and Social History Review 0019-4646History & geography
INDIASTAT  Economics
Indian Journal of Mathematics 0019-5324Mathematics
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Reasearch 0019-5464Pharmacology & therapeutics
Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 0250-474X, 1998-3743Pharmacology & therapeutics
International Journal of Modern Physics - D 0218-2718, 1793-6594Physics
International Journal of Modern Physics - E 0218-3013, 1793-6608Physics
Indo-Iranian Journal 9083-1209Sociology & anthropology
International Journal of Sanskrit Research 2394-7519Serials in other languages
India Quarterly 09749284, 09752684Political science
International Philosophical Quarterly 0019-0365, 2153-8077Philosophy & psychology
Indian Journal of Public Administration 0019-5561Political science
Indian Historical Review 03769836, 09755977Sociology & anthropology
International Relations 471178Political science
Indian Human Rights Law Review 2230-7036Law
Infofish International 1511-5976Animals (Zoology)
International Journal of Comparative Sociology 0020-7152, 1745-2554Sociology & anthropology
Journal of accountancy 0021-8448COMMERCE
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 1359-0987ANTHROPOLOGY
Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 0971-7811BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Journal of Environmental Biology 0254-8704BOTANY
Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 2050-9768BOTANY
Journal of Plant Biology 0972-3862BOTANY
Journal of the Botanical Society of Bengal 0971-2976BOTANY
Journal of Chemical Education 0021-9584CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Indian Chemical Society 0019-4522CHEMISTRY
Journal of Accounting Research  COMMERCE
Journal of Finance 0022-1082COMMERCE
Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India 0970-3411ANTHROPOLOGY
Journal of Financial Management and Analysis 0970-4205COMMERCE
Journal of Marketing 0022-2429COMMERCE
Journal of Marketing Research 0022-2437COMMERCE
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 0250-6335 
Journal of Biosciences 0250-5991 
Journal of Chemical Sciences 0253-4134 
Journal of Genetics 0022-1333 
Journal of Earth System Science 0253-4126 
Journal of the Inland Fisheries Society of India 0379-3435ZOOLOGY
Journal of Parasitology and Applied Animal Biology 0971-2208ZOOLOGY
Journal of Entomological Research 0378-9519ZOOLOGY
Journal of Endocrinology and Reproduction 0971-913XZOOLOGY
Journal of Ecophysiology & Occupational Health 0972-4397ZOOLOGY
Journal of Applied Zoological Researches 0970-9304ZOOLOGY
Journal of Animal Ecology 0021-8790ZOOLOGY
Journal of Advanced Zoology 0253-7214ZOOLOGY
Journal of Urban History 00961442, 15526771Sociology & anthropology
Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society 0019-4387SOCIOLOGY
Journal of Social Sciences 0971-8923SOCIOLOGY
Journal of Marriage and Family 0022-2445SOCIOLOGY
Journal of the Indian Law Institute 0019-5731POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of Contemporary Asia 0047-2336POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 0970-7794PHILOSOPHY
Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Jijnasa  BENGALI
Journal of Complexity 0885-064XMATHEMATICS
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science  MATHEMATICS
Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society 0019-5839MATHEMATICS
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 1356-1863HISTORY
Journal of the Numismatic Society of India  HISTORY
Journal of the Asiatic Society 0368-3308HISTORY
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 0022-4634HISTORY
Journal of Indian History  HISTORY
Journal of Ancient Indian History  HISTORY
Journal of North-East India Council for Social Science Research 0970-7913HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Journal of Environmental Development 1070-4965HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Journal of Asian Studies 0021-9118HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Journal of Literary Criticism 0970-2687ENGLISH
Journal of American Drama and Theatre 1044-937XENGLISH
Journal of the Department of English, CU  ENGLISH
Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature 048-1143ENGLISH
Journal of Hill Research 0970-7050GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Development Studies 0022-0388ECONOMICS
Journal of Peasant Studies 0306-6150ECONOMICS
Journal of Quantitative Economics 0971-1554ECONOMICS
Journal of Intellectual Property Rights  LAW
Journal of Parliamentary Information  LAW
Janapaksha  NEPALI
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 0021-4922PHYSICS
Japanese Journal of Genetics 0021-504XZOOLOGY
JETP Letters 0021-3640PHYSICS
Journal of African History  HISTORY
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 0021-8561PHYSICS
Journal of American Folklore 0021-8715SOCIOLOGY
Journal of Applied Bacteriology 0021-8847BOTANY
Journal of Applied Ecology 0021-8790BOTANY
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 0021-9828PHYSICS
Journal of Applied Mechanics 0021-8936PHYSICS
Journal of Applied Physics  PHYSICS
Journal of Applied Probability 0021-9002MATHEMATICS
Journal of Approximation Theory 0021-9045BOTANY
Journal of Arts & Ideas  GENERAL
Journal of Banking and Finance 0378-4266ECONOMICS
Journal of Bio-social Sciences  BOTANY
Journal of Biotechnology 0168-1656BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Journal of Business 0021-9326COMMERCE
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 0306-686XCOMMERCE
Journal of Cell Science  BOTANY
Journal of Chemical Physics 0021-9606PHYSICS
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 0021-9614CHEMISTRY
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 0021-9797CHEMISTRY
Journal of Combinatorial Theory: Series A 0097-3165MATHEMATICS
Journal of Combinatorial Theory: Series B 0097-3165MATHEMATICS
Journal of Common Market Studies 0021-9886ECONOMICS
Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology  PHILOSOPHY
Journal of Comparative Psychology 0735-7036PHILOSOPHY
Journal of Contemporary History 0022-0094HISTORY
Journal of Developing Areas 0022-0094ECONOMICS
Journal of Differential Geometry 0022-040XMATHEMATICS
Journal of Documentation 0022-0418LIBRARY SCIENCE
Journal of Conflict Resolutions  PHYSICS
Journal of Ecology 0022-0477BOTANY
Journal of Economic Abstracts  ECONOMICS
Journal of Economic Theory 0022-0531ECONOMICS
Journal of Elasticity 0374-3535PHYSICS
Journal of Electronics and Control  PHYSICS
Journal of Environmental and Ecological Management  ECONOMICS
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 0095-0696 
Journal of Experimental Botany 0022-0957BOTANY
Journal of Experimental Medicine 0022-1007PHYSICS
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 0022-1090COMMERCE
Journal of Fish Diseases 0140-7775ZOOLOGY
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 0022-1120PHYSICS
Journal of General Management  COMMERCE
Journal of Geographical Research  GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Geography  GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Graph Theory 0364-9024MATHEMATICS
Journal of Heredity 0022-1503BOTANY
Journal of Higher Education 0252-0397 
Journal of Immunogenetics 0350-1811BOTANY
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 0308-6534HISTORY
Journal of Indian Philosophy 0022-1791PHILOSOPHY
Journal of Industrial Economics 0022-1821ECONOMICS
Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry 0277-5387CHEMISTRY
Journal of Insect Physiology 0022-1910ZOOLOGY
Journal of International Economics 0022-1996ECONOMICS
Journal of Latin American Studies  HISTORY
Journal of Librarianship 0022-2232LIBRARY SCIENCE
Journal of Mammalogy 0022-2372ZOOLOGY
Journal of Management Studies 0022-2380COMMERCE
Journal of Materials Science 0022-2461PHYSICS
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 0022-247XMATHEMATICS
Journal of Mathematical and Physical Sciences 0047-2557PHYSICS
Journal of Mathematical Physics 0022-2488PHYSICS
Journal of Meteorology  GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels  GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Modern African Studies 0022-278XHISTORY
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy  PHYSICS
Journal of Nuclear Energy  PHYSICS
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 0022-2879ECONOMICS
Journal of Organic Chemistry of the USSR  CHEMISTRY
Journal of Philosophical Logic 0022-3611PHILOSOPHY
Journal of Physical & Colloid Chemistry  CHEMISTRY
Journal of Physical Chemistry 0022-3654CHEMISTRY
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1089-5639CHEMISTRY
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1089-4647CHEMISTRY
Journal of Physics A 0305-4470PHYSICS
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 0022-3697PHYSICS
Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 0953-4057PHYSICS
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 0022-3719PHYSICS
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 0022-3727PHYSICS
Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 0022-3735PHYSICS
Journal of Physics F: metal Physics 0305-4608PHYSICS
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 0954-3899PHYSICS
Journal of Physics of the Earth 0022-3743 
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 0022-328XCHEMISTRY
Journal of Plant Physiology 0176-1617BOTANY
Journal of Plasma Physics 0022-3778PHYSICS
Journal of Social Research 0449-315XSOCIOLOGY
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 0953-8984PHYSICS
Journal of Politics 0022-3816POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer Chemistry 0887-624XCHEMISTRY
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 0022-4073CHEMISTRY
Journal of Regional Science 0022-4146ECONOMICS
Journal of Scientific and Industrial Rresearch 0022-4456PHYSICS
Journal of Social Psychology  SOCIOLOGY
Journal of Statistical Physics 0022-4715PHYSICS
Journal of Symbolic Logic 0002-4812MATHEMATICS
Journal of Technical Physics  PHYSICS
Journal of the Acousticas Society of America 0001-4966PHYSICS
Journal of the American Chemical Society 0002-7863CHEMISTRY
Journal of the American Oriental Society 0003-0279HISTORY
Journal of the American Planning Association 0194-4363POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of the American Statistical Association  MATHEMATICS
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 0022-4928GEOGRAPHY
Journal of the British Orinithologists` Union  ZOOLOGY
Journal of the Chemical Society 0300-9246CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society A: Inorganic, Physical and Theoritical Chemistry  CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society B: Physical Organic Chemistry  CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society C: Organic Chemistry  CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society D: Chemical Communications 0022-4936CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society: Dalton Transactions 0300-9246CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Pali Text Society  ENGLISH
Journal of the School of Language 0377-0648ENGLISH
Journal of the Chemical Society: Faraday Transaction 0956-5000CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society: Faraday Transactions I 0200-9599CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society: Faraday transactions II 0300-9238CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society: Perkin Transaction- II 0300-9580CHEMISTRY
Journal of the Chemical Society: Perkin Transactions I 0300-922XCHEMISTRY
Journal of the Department of English, Calcutta University  ENGLISH
Journal of the Department of Letters  ENGLISH
Journal of the Department of Letters: New Series  ENGLISH
Journal of the Geological Society of India  GEOGRAPHY
Journal of the Greater India Society  HISTORY
Journal of the History of Ideas 0022-5037HISTORY
Journal of the History of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Journal of the Indian Institute of Bankers 0019-4921ECONOMICS
Journal of the Indian Society of Oriental Art  GENERAL
Journal of the Institute of Town Palnners India  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 0025-5645MATHEMATICS
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 0022-5096PHYSICS
Journal of the National Academy of Administration  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of the Optical Society of America  PHYSICS
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 0031-9015PHYSICS
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A: General  MATHEMATICS
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B: Methodological  MATHEMATICS
Journal of Tropical Geography 0022-5290GEOGRAPHY
Journal of Value Inquiry 0022-5363PHILOSOPHY
Journal of Wildlife Management 0022-541XCOMMERCE
Journal of the Society for Study of State Governments  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 0021-8529ENGLISH
Journal of Organic Chemistry 0022-3263CHEMISTRY
Journal of Entrepreneurship 0971-3557Commerce
Journal of Human Values 0971-6858, 0973-0737Commerce
Journal of Portfolio Management 0095-4918Commerce
Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology 0971-9393, 0975-4180Life sciences biology
Journal of Economic Literature 0022-0515, 2328-8175Economics
Journal of Economic Perspectives 0895-3309, 1944-7965Economics
Journal of Political Economy 0022-3808, 1537-534XEconomics
Jounal of Education for Sustainable Development 0973-4082, 0973-4074Education
Journal of Indian Library Association 0970-4728Library & information sciences
Journal of Library Management 2278-5523Library & information sciences
Journal of Asian Earth Science 18785786, 13679120Geology, hydrology & meteorology
Journal of Modern History 0022-2801History & geography
Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 224995History & geography
Journal of Information Science 0165-5515, 1741-6485Library & information sciences
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 0961-0006, 1741-6477Library & information sciences
Journal of Travel Research 15526763, 00472875Management & auxiliary services
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 2161430X, 10776990News media, journalism & publishing
Journal of The American Mathematical Society 0894-0347, 1088-6834Mathematics
Journal of The London Mathematical Society 23203110, 09701249Natural sciences & mathematics
Journal of The Ramanujan Mathematical Society 23203110, 09701249Natural sciences & mathematics
Journal of Indian Mathematical Society 2455-6475, 0019-5839Mathematics
Journal of Philosophical Research 1053-8364, 2153-7984Philosophy & psychology
Journal of Philosophy 0022-362X, 1939-8549Philosophy & psychology
Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 23320486, 00071773Philosophy & psychology
Journal of Developing Societies 0169796XPolitical science
Journal of Human Ecology 09709274, 2456-6608Sociology & anthropology
Journal of Land and Rural Studies 23217464Sociology & anthropology
Judgement Today  Law
Journal of Applied Aquaculture 1545-0805, 1045-4438Animals (Zoology)
Journal of Biopesticides 0974-391X, 2230-8385Animals (Zoology)
Journal of Economic Entomology 220493Animals (Zoology)
Journal of Immunology 0022-1767, 1550-6606Animals (Zoology)
Journal of Classical Sociology 1468-795X, 1741-2897Sociology & anthropology
Journal of South Asian Development 1573-5397, 2214-9791Political science
Kew Bulletin 0075-5974BOTANY
Kurukshetra 0021-5660SOCIOLOGY
Katha-Sahitya 0971-7137BENGALI
Kerala Law Times  LAW
Kamana  NEPALI
Kavita  NEPALI
Kanoon  NEPALI
Kathan  HINDI
Kathadesh  HINDI
Kali o Kalam  BENGALI
Kyklos : International Review for Social Sciences 0023-5962ECONOMICS
Kant-Studien 0022-8877Philosophy & psychology
Kerala Sociologists 9758933Sociology & anthropology
Literature & Criticism  ENGLISH
Labour Law Journal  LAW
Lawyer`s Collectives  LAW
Lawz  LAW
Legal News and Views  LAW
Loka Shruti  BENGALI
Labour & Development  COMMERCE
Liquid Crystals 0267-8292PHYSICS
Local Government Quarterly  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Lalit-kala Contemporary  HISTORY
La Poyaji  BENGALI
Life Sciences 0300-9653BOTANY
Library Association Record 0024-2195LIBRARY SCIENCE
Library Journal  LIBRARY SCIENCE
Lok Udyog 0024-5925ECONOMICS
Library Quarterly 0024-2519Library & information sciences
Libri 0024-2667Library & information sciences
Library Herald 0024-2292Library & information sciences
Literary Criterion 0024-452XEnglish & Old English
Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts (MAPA) 0250-4367BOTANY
Management & Change 0972-2149COMMERCE
Management Accountant 0972-3528COMMERCE
Management Accounting Research 1044-5005COMMERCE
Management Dynamics 0972-5067COMMERCE
Marg 0972-1444 
Man and Life 0972-4109SOCIOLOGY
Man and Development 0258-0438SOCIOLOGY
Man and Society  SOCIOLOGY
Monthly Public Opinion Surveys  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Modern Review 1021-1032BENGALI
Mayukh: Jibananda Smriti Samkhya  BENGALI
Mathematics Student 0025-5742MATHEMATICS
Middle East Studies Association Bulletin 0026-3184HISTORY
Modern Drama 0026-7694ENGLISH
Modern Fiction Studies 0026-7724ENGLISH
Mausam 0252-9416GEOGRAPHY
Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions  ECONOMICS
Manka Tarang  NEPALI
Music Diary  NEPALI
Mirmire  NEPALI
Madhupark  NEPALI
Mulyankan  NEPALI
Madhyam  HINDI
Madhumati  HINDI
Macromolecular Reviews 0076-2083CHEMISTRY
Magnetohydrodynamics 0024-998XPHYSICS
Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography 0127-1424GEOGRAPHY
Man 0025-1496SOCIOLOGY
Management Accounting 0025-1690COMMERCE
Management Science 0025-1909COMMERCE
Manasi O Marmabani  BENGALI
Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies 0025-2034ECONOMICS
Manpower Journal 0542-5808ECONOMICS
Marxian Way  ECONOMICS
Masik Basumati  BENGALI
Mathematica 0025-5793MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Gazette 0025-5572MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Bioscience: an International Journal  MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 0305-0041PHILOSOPHY
Mathematical Programming: Series A 0025-5610MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Programming: Series B 0025-5610MATHEMATICS
Mathematical Reviews 0025-5629MATHEMATICS
Mathematics of Operations Research 0364-765XMATHEMATICS
Mathematics of the USSR: Izvestija 0025-5726MATHEMATICS
Mathematics of the USSR: Sbornik  MATHEMATICS
Mathematische Annalen  MATHEMATICS
Mausam: Indian Journal of Meterology, Hydrology and Geophysics 0252-9416GEOGRAPHY
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India  GEOGRAPHY
Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society  MATHEMATICS
Metaphilosophy 0026-1068PHILOSOPHY
Meteorological Abstracts and Bibliography  GEOGRAPHY
Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts  GEOGRAPHY
Middle Eastern Studies 0026-3206HISTORY
Modern Asian Studies 0026-749XHISTORY
Modern Language Quarterly 0026-7929ENGLISH
Modern Language Review 0026-7937ENGLISH
Modern International Drama  ENGLISH
Modern Language  ENGLISH
Modern Language Notes  ENGLISH
Modern Quarterly  GENERAL
Molecular Biotechnology 1073-6085BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 0026-8941PHYSICS
Molecular Physics 0026-8976PHYSICS
Monist 0026-9662PHILOSOPHY
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics  ECONOMICS
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 0035-8711PHYSICS
Mutation Research 0165-7992 
Microbiological Research 0944-5013Food technology
Mobile Media 15504646News media, journalism & publishing
Mathematical Research Letters 1073-2780, 1945-001XMathematics
Mosaic 271276English.& Old English literatures
Modern Physics Letters - A 0217-7323, 1793-6632Physics
Modern Physics Letters - B 0217-9849, 1793-6640Physics
Mind 0026-4423, 1460-2113Philosophy & psychology
Manupatra  Law
Man in India 251569Sociology & anthropology
Medical & Veterinary Entomology 0269283X, 13652915Animals (Zoology)
Nucleus: An International Journal of Cytology and Allied Topics 0029-568XBOTANY
National Bank News Review  COMMERCE
Nature 0028-0836 
Newsweek  GENERAL
Nature Genetics 1061-4036ZOOLOGY
Nagarlok 0027-7584POLITICAL SCIENCE
New York Times Book Review 0028-7806BENGALI
Novel: A Forum on Fiction 0029-5132ENGLISH
New Quest 0258-0381ENGLISH
New Literary History 0028-6087ENGLISH
New Zealand Journal of Geography 0028-8292GEOGRAPHY
New Zealand Geographer  GEOGRAPHY
National Geographical Journal of India 0027-9374GEOGRAPHY
National Geographer 0470-0929GEOGRAPHY
Natural Resources Journal 0028-0739ECONOMICS
Nawa Yuba  NEPALI
Naulo Pratik  NEPALI
Nirman  NEPALI
Naya Sikkim  NEPALI
Naya Gyanodaya  HINDI
New Left Review 0028-6060POLITICAL SCIENCE
Nineteenth Century Studies  ENGLISH
Nineteenth Century Fiction 0029-0564ENGLISH
Norte Dame Journal of Formal Logic 0029-4527PHILOSOPHY
Notes and Queries 0029-3970ENGLISH
Nous 0029-4624PHILOSOPHY
Nuclear Data Sheets 0090-3752PHYSICS
Nuclear Physics A 0375-9474PHYSICS
North Bengal University Review : Humanities & Social Science  SOCIOLOGY
North Bengal University Review: Science & Technology  PHYSICS
Nuclear Data Tables  PHYSICS
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 0029-554XPHYSICS
Nuclear Physics B 0169-6823PHYSICS
Nuclear Physics D  PHYSICS
Nuclear Science Abstracts  PHYSICS
Nucleonics  PHYSICS
Nature Biotechnology 1087-0156, 1546-1696Life sciences biology
National Geographic Magazine 1044-6613Geography & travel
NUJS Law Review 0975-0207Law
Oriental Anthropologist 0972-558XANTHROPOLOGY
Outlook Money  COMMERCE
Outlook  GENERAL
Orbis: a Quarterly Journal of World Affairs 0030-4387GENERAL
Oryx 0030-6053BOTANY
Oxford Economic Papers 0030-7653ECONOMICS
Oxford Literary Review 0305-1498English & Old English
Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 0972-2025BIO-TECHNOLOGY
Pharmaceutical Biology 1388-0209BOTANY
Phytomorphology: an International Journal of Plant Sciences 0031-9449BOTANY
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 0981-9428BOTANY
Paradigm 0971-8907COMMERCE
Personnel Today 0970-8504COMMERCE
Prajnan: Journal of Social and Management Sciences 0970-8448COMMERCE
Productivity News  COMMERCE
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Mathematical Sciences 0253-4142SCIENCE
Proceedings of the Zoological Society 0373-5893ZOOLOGY
Political Quarterly 0032-3179POLITICAL SCIENCE
People`s Democracy  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Philosopher`s Index 0031-7993PHILOSOPHY
Philosophical Quarterly 0031-7977PHILOSOPHY
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India-B: Biological Sciences 0369-8211PHYSICS
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India-A: Physical Sciences  PHYSICS
Pramana: Journal of Physics 0304-4289PHYSICS
Physics News 023-7583PHYSICS
Parichay  BENGALI
Physical review letters 0031-9007PHYSICS
Publicacions Matematiques 0214-1493MATHEMATICS
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 0002-9939MATHEMATICS
Puratattva: Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society  HISTORY
Past & Present 0031-2746HISTORY
Professional Geographer 0033-0124GEOGRAPHY
Population Studies 0032-4728GEOGRAPHY
Population Geography  GEOGRAPHY
Practising Geographer  GEOGRAPHY
Photonirvachak: Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 0255-660XGEOGRAPHY
Pratha  NEPALI
Pragya  NEPALI
Pratibha  NEPALI
Prakriya  NEPALI
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly  PHILOSOPHY
Pakistan Horizon 0030-980XPOLITICAL SCIENCE
Partisan Review 0030-2525ENGLISH
Personalist  PHILOSOPHY
Personnel Management Abstracts  COMMERCE
Philosophical Forum 0031-806XPHILOSOPHY
Philosophical Magazine 0031-8086PHYSICS
Philosophical Magazine Letters  PHYSICS
Philosophical Magazine-A 1041-8610PHYSICS
Philosophical Magazine-B 0141-8610PHYSICS
Philosophical Review 0031-8108PHILOSOPHY
Philosophical studies 0030-8116PHILOSOPHY
Philosophy 0031-8191PHILOSOPHY
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 0031-8205PHILOSOPHY
Philosophy of Sciences 0031-8248PHILOSOPHY
Philosophy: East and West 0031-8221PHILOSOPHY
Philosophy: the Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy 0031-8191PHILOSOPHY
Physica  PHYSICS
Philippine Geographical Journal 0031-7551GEOGRAPHY
Physica A  PHYSICS
Physica B & C 0921-4526PHYSICS
Physica D  PHYSICS
Physica Scripta  PHYSICS
Physica Status Solidi B 0370-1972PHYSICS
Physical Review  PHYSICS
Physical Review A 1050-2947PHYSICS
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter 0163-1829PHYSICS
Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics 0556-2813PHYSICS
Physical Review D 0556-2821PHYSICS
Physics Abstracts 0036-8091PHYSICS
Physics Letters A 0375-9601PHYSICS
Physics letters B 0031-9163PHYSICS
Physics of Condensed Matter  PHYSICS
Physics of Fluids 0031-9171PHYSICS
Physics Reports 0370-1573PHYSICS
Physiologia Plantarum 0031-9371BOTANY
Physiological Zoology 0031-935XZOOLOGY
Phytochemistry 0031-9422BOTANY
Phytomorphology: an International Journal of Plant Morphology 0031-9449BOTANY
Plant and Cell Physiology 0032-0781BOTANY
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 0167-6857BOTANY
Plant Pathology 0032-0889BOTANY
Plant Physiology 0032-0889BOTANY
Planta Medica: Natural Products and Medicinal Plant Research 0032-0943BOTANY
Planters Journal and Agriculturist  GEOGRAPHY
Plasma Physics 0032-4405PHYSICS
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 0741-3335 
Point Counterpoint  ENGLISH
Political Science Quarterly  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Political Science Review 0554-5196POLITICAL SCIENCE
Political Studies 0032-3217POLITICAL SCIENCE
Polyhedron 0277-5387CHEMISTRY
Population Index 0032-4701GEOGRAPHY
Population Review  GEOGRAPHY
Population Studies: a Journal of Demography 0032-4728GEOGRAPHY
Prabashi  BENGALI
Primates: a Journal of Primatology 0032-8332ZOOLOGY
Problems of Communism 0032-941XPOLITICAL SCIENCE
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society  PHILOSOPHY
Proceedings of the American Society of International Law  LAW
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 0066-7374PHILOSOPHY
Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society  MATHEMATICS
Proceedings of the Chemical Society  CHEMISTRY
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Animal Sciences 0253-4118BOTANY
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Chemical Sciences 0253-4134CHEMISTRY
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Earth and Planetary Science 0253-4126GEOGRAPHY
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Plant Sciences 0370-0097BOTANY
Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy: part-B: Biological Sciences 0073-6600BOTANY
Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical Engineering 0020-3270PHYSICS
Proceedings of the Japan Academy: Mathematical Science 0386-2194MATHEMATICS
Proceedings of the Moscow Cosmic Ray Conference  PHYSICS
Proceedings of the IRE  PHYSICS
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,USA  BOTANY
Proceedings of the National Institute of Science of India  BOTANY
Proceedings of the Physical Society  PHYSICS
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B: Biological Science 0080-4649BOTANY
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London series-A: Mathematical and Physical Science 0080-4630PHYSICS
Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 0037-9727BOTANY
Productivity 0032-9924ECONOMICS
Progress in Human Geography 0309-1325GEOGRAPHY
Progress of Theoretical Physics 0033-068XPHYSICS
PS: Political Science and Politics 1049-0965POLITICAL SCIENCE
Public Administration: an International Quarterly 0033-3298POLITICAL SCIENCE
Public Enterprise Recorder: a Weekly Digest of Events in Public Undertakings  ECONOMICS
Public Finance  ECONOMICS
Public Utilities Fortnightly  PHYSICS
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan  MATHEMATICS
Publications of the Modern Language Association of America  ENGLISH
Pure and Applied Geophysics 0033-4553GEOGRAPHY
Population 0032-4663GEOGRAPHY
Physiological & Molecular Plant Pathology 0885-5765Life sciences biology
Phytopathology 0031-949X, 1943-7684Life sciences biology
Plant Physiology & Biochemistry 09819428, 18732690Life sciences biology
Professional Journal of Library and Information Technology 0976-7274Library & information sciences
Progress in Physical Geography 0309-1333, 1477-0296Geography & travel
Proceedings of The London Mathematical Society 1460-244X, 0024-6115Mathematics
PMLA 0030-8129, 1938-1530English & Old English
Physics Today 0031-9228Physics
Planters Chronicle 0972-0081Field & plantation crops
Political Theory 0090-5917, 1552-7476Political science
Progress in Development Studies 1464-9934, 1477-027XSociology & anthropology
Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 15524485, 0033569XMathematics
Quarterly Review of Historical Studies 0033-5800HISTORY
Reserve Bank of India: Weekly Statistical Supplement  COMMERCE
Resonance: Journal of Science Education 0971-8044SCIENCE
Ratio 0034-0006PHILOSOPHY
Reserve Bank of India Bulletin  ECONOMICS
Radiation Research 0033-7585PHYSICS
Rabindra Bharati Patrika  BENGALI
Reports on Progress in Physics 0034-4885PHYSICS
Review of English Literature  ENGLISH
Review of English Studies 0034-6551ENGLISH
Review of Modern Physics 0034-6861PHYSICS
Review of Scientific Instruments 0034-6748PHYSICS
Review of Economic Studies 0034-6527ECONOMICS
Regional Studies 0034-3404SOCIOLOGY
Review of Economics and Statistics 0034-6535ECONOMICS
Review of Income and Wealth 0034-6586ECONOMICS
Review of Metaphysics 0034-6632PHILOSOPHY
Round Table 0035-8533HISTORY
Rural India  ECONOMICS
Royal Society of Cemistry (Gold) - eSS collection 2046-2069. Chemical engineering
Real Analysis Exchange 01471937, 19301219Mathematics
Research Journal of Pharmacy & Technology 0974-360X, 0974-3618Pharmacology & therapeutics
Res Philosophica 0026-8402, 2164-0726Philosophy & psychology
Rethinking Marxism 0893-5696, 1475-8059Sociology & anthropology
Studies of Tribes and Tribals 0972-639XANTHROPOLOGY
Seed Research 0379-5594BOTANY
Seed Tech News 0970-6747BOTANY
Sankhya: The Indian Journal of Statistics 0972-7671COMMERCE
Survey 0586-0008COMMERCE
Science and Culture 0036-8156GENERAL
Seridoc 0970-4906ZOOLOGY
South Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies 0972-4613SOCIOLOGY
South Asian Anthropologist 0257-7348Sociology & anthropology
Social Welfare 0037-8038SOCIOLOGY
Social Change 0049-0857SOCIOLOGY
Social Action 0037-7627SOCIOLOGY
Sadhana: Engineering Science 0256-2499GENERAL
Science Reporter  GENERAL
Sportstar  General
SRELS Journal of Information Management 0972-2467LIBRARY SCIENCE
South Asian Studies  POLITICAL SCIENCE
South Asia Politics  POLITICAL SCIENCE
Social Scientist 0970-0293POLITICAL SCIENCE
Samatat 0036-374XBENGALI
Studies in Nepali History and Society 1025-5109HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Symposium: A Forum for Literary Dialogue  ENGLISH
Sarvekshana  ECONOMICS
South Asian Journal of Human Rights 0973-2489ECONOMICS
Sadhana  NEPALI
Sayapatri  NEPALI
Sangeet Saugat  NEPALI
Samay Rekha  NEPALI
Swasthya  NEPALI
Sarbagyan Manch  NEPALI
Sakhatkar  HINDI
Sahitya Amrit  HINDI
Samakalin Bharatiya Sahitya  HINDI
Sahitya o Sanskriti  BENGALI
Sahitya Parisad Patrika  BENGALI
Samakalin: Prabander Masik Patrika  BENGALI
Sahitya Patrika  BENGALI
Scotish Geographical Magazine 0036-9225GEOGRAPHY
Social Science Information 0539-0184SOCIOLOGY
Science Research Abstracts Journal Part A  GENERAL
Sewanee Review  ENGLISH
Slavonic and East European Review 0037-6795HISTORY
Social Forces 0037-7732SOCIOLOGY
Science and Society 0036-8237ECONOMICS
Scientometrics 0138-9130GENERAL
Shakespeare Quarterly 0037-3222ENGLISH
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 0036-1399MATHEMATICS
SIAM Journal Theory of Probability and Its Applications  PHYSICS
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 0129-7619GEOGRAPHY
Social Sciences in China 0252-9203SOCIOLOGY
Socio-economic Planning Sciences 0038-0121ECONOMICS
Sociological Abstracts 0038-0202SOCIOLOGY
Sociology and Social Research: an International Journal 0038-0393SOCIOLOGY
Soil Science 0038-075XGEOGRAPHY
Solar Physics  PHYSICS
Solid State Communication: an International Journal 0038-1098PHYSICS
Southern Economic Journal 0038-4038ECONOMICS
Southern Review 0038-4534ENGLISH
Soviet Astronomy 0038-5301PHYSICS
Soviet Geography 0038-5417GEOGRAPHY
Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics 0038-5506PHYSICS
Soviet Physics: Semiconductors 0038-5700PHYSICS
Soviet Physics: Solid State 0038-5654PHYSICS
Soviet Physics: USPEKHI 0038-5670PHYSICS
Space: Journal of School of Planning & Architecture 0970-7501POLITICAL SCIENCE
Span 0313-1459ENGLISH
Spectrochimica Acta. Part A: Molecular Spectroscopy 0584-8539PHYSICS
Statistical Theory and Method Abstracts 0039-0518MATHEMATICS
Studia Mathematica 0039-3223MATHEMATICS
Studies in English literature 0039-3657ENGLISH
Sukhsari  BENGALI
Surveying and Mapping 0039-6273GEOGRAPHY
Synthese: an International Journal for Epistemology, Methodology and Philosophy of Science 0039-7881PHILOSOPHY
Southern Journal of Philosophy 0038-4283PHILOSOPHY
Swedish Journal of Economice  ECONOMICS
South Asia Economic Journal 1391-5614, 0973-077XCommerce
Synlett 0936-5214Chemistry & allied sciences
Synthesis 0039-7881Chemistry & allied sciences
South Asia Research 02627280, 17413141Himalayan Studies
South Asian Survey 0971-5231Himalayan Studies
Strategic Analysis 9700161Himalayan Studies
SciFinder Scholar - eSS Collection 2689-5226Chemistry & allied sciences
SCOPUS  General collections
Science 0036-8075, 1095-9203Natural sciences & mathematics
Scientific merican 0036-8075, 1095-9203Natural sciences & mathematics
Scientific American 0036-8733Natural sciences & mathematics
Surveying and Land Information Science 1559-7202Geography & travel
Studies in Peoples History 2348-4489, 2349-7718History & geography
SAQ: South Atlantic Quarterly 1527-8026English & Old English
Symploke 1534-0627English & Old English
Supreme Court Case Finder (SCC Online) - Platinum with HeinOnline  Law
Seminar 0971-6742Political science
Supreme Court Cases 0039-5951Law
Studies in Indian Politics 1469-872223210230, 23217472Sociology & anthropology
Studies in History 0257-6430, 0973-080XSociology & anthropology
Studies in HistorySouth Asian Journal of Socio-Political Studies 0972-4613Political science
Sociological Bulletin 00380229, 24570257Sociology & anthropology
Sociology (Part of Sociology & Cultural Sociology Package) 1440-7833Sociology & anthropology
Tropical Ecology 0564-3295BOTANY
Two and a Bud  ZOOLOGY
Tropical Fish Hobbyists 0041-3259ZOOLOGY
Tissue Antigens 0001-2815ZOOLOGY
TERI Information Digest on Energy and Environment 0972-6721GENERAL
Tensor 0040-3504MATHEMATICS
Tibetan Review 0040-6708HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Tibet Journal 0970-5368HIMALAYAN STUDIES
Twentieth-Century Literature 0041-462XENGLISH
Transactions of the Institute of Indian Geographers 0970-9851GEOGRAPHY
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 0020-2754GEOGRAPHY
Tourism Recreation Research 0250-8281GEOGRAPHY
Tijdschrift Voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 0040-747XGEOGRAPHY
Timepass  NEPALI
The Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India   
The Oriental Anthropologist 0972-558X 
The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 0019-5022 
The Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 0019-5200 
The Nucleus: An International Journal of Cytology and Allied Topics 0029-568X 
The Academy of Management   
Tax Monitor  ECONOMICS
Tetrahedron 0040-4020CHEMISTRY
Tetrahedron Letters 0040-4039CHEMISTRY
Texas Studies in Literature and Language 0040-4039ENGLISH
Theoria: a Swedish Journal of Philosophy 0040-5825PHILOSOPHY
Theory of Probability and its Applications 0040-585XMATHEMATICS
Third World Quarterly 0143-6597POLITICAL SCIENCE
TijdschriftVoor Economische en Sociale Geografie=Journal of Economic and Social Geography 0971-747XGEOGRAPHY
Town Planning Review 0041-0020SOCIOLOGY
Transactions and Papers  GEOGRAPHY
Transactions of Faraday Society  PHYSICS
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society  PHILOSOPHY
Transport and Tourism Journal  COMMERCE
Transportation 0049-4488COMMERCE
Transportation Research: an International Journal  COMMERCE
Twentieth Century  GENERAL
The Journal of Immunology 0022-1767ZOOLOGY
Taxman’s Corporate Professionals Today 0975-9948Commerce
Times Literary Supplement 0307-661X, 2517-7729Bengali
Taxon 0040-0262, 1996-8175Life sciences biology
The Indian Economic Journal 0019-5170Economics
The Medieval History Journal 0971-9458, 0973-0753History & geography
Topology Proceeding 1464124Mathematics
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 00029947, 10886850Mathematics
The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 0021-9894English & Old English
The Paris Review 0031-2037English & Old English
Twentieth Century Literature 0041462XEnglish & Old English
The Natural Product Journal 2210-3155, 2210-3163Pharmacology & therapeutics
The Journal of the Oriental Institute 0030-5324Serials in other languages
The American Review of Public Administration 0275-0740, 1552-3357Political science
The Law Quarterly Review 0023-933XLaw
The Modern Law Review 1468-2230Law
Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology 0256-971XZOOLOGY
University Today  GENERAL
Urban India 0970-9045GEOGRAPHY
Urban Affairs Quarterly 1078-0874POLITICAL SCIENCE
UNESCO Bulletin for Library  LIBRARY SCIENCE
Urban and Rural Planning Thought  GEOGRAPHY
University News 0566-2257Education
Urban Studies 0042-0980Geography & travel
Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers 0256-0909COMMERCE
Visvabharati Quarterly 0972-043XBENGALI
Vishveshvaranaad Indological Journal 0541-0071HISTORY
Victorian Poetry 0042-5206ENGLISH
Victorian Studies 0042-5222GENERAL
Visva-Bharati Patrika 0042-7179BENGALI
Visva-Bharati Journal of Philosophy  PHILOSOPHY
Vikalpa Journal 0256-0909, 2395-3799Commerce
Vision 1534-7362Management & auxiliary services
Workforce Management 1092-8332COMMERCE
Wildlife Biology 0909-6396ZOOLOGY
Women`s Link  SOCIOLOGY
West Bengal Political Science Review  POLITICAL SCIENCE
World Development Report 0163-5085ECONOMICS
World Economic and Social Survey: Financing for Development  ECONOMICS
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv = Review of World Economics 0043-2636ECONOMICS
World Politics: a Quarterly Journal of International Relations 0043-8871POLITICAL SCIENCE
Wiley Blackwell Publishing - eSS collection  General collections
Weekly Law Reports 0019-3518Law
Work, Employment & Society 1469-8722Sociology & anthropology
Yubamanch  NEPALI
Yale Review  ENGLISH
Year`s work in English Studies 0084-4144ENGLISH
Zoo`s Print 0971-6378ZOOLOGY
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik and Mechanik 0044-2267MATHEMATICS
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik 0044-2275MATHEMATICS
Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie 0372-8854GEOGRAPHY
Zeitschrift fur Mathematics Logik and Grundlagen der Mathematik  MATHEMATICS
Zeitschrift fur Physik  PHYSICS
Zeitschrift fur Physik-A: atoms and nuclei  PHYSICS
Zeitschrift fur Physik-B: condensed matter and quanta  PHYSICS
Zentralblatt fur Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete  MATHEMATICS
Zentralblatt Fur Naturforschung: A  PHYSICS