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by Rajan Welukar
by Shailendra Saraf, Swarnlata Saraf
by Aneesa Shafi
by Rachel Stohl, Suzette Grillot
by Randall D. Law
by Saraswati Raju, Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt
by Sumanta Banerjee
by Peter Worsley
by Dilip De Sarker, Manas Ranjan Saha, Subrata Saha,
by Valentin Deaconu
by John B. Conway
by SC. Rastogi
by Tapas Chattopadhyay
by Malayshankar Bhattacharya
by Michael E Brookfield
by Donal M. Ragan
by  Rhona M. Black
by Ronald E. Martin
by S R. Nockolds, R W OB Knox, G A Chinner
by Peter M. Shearer
by Stanley A. Schumm