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Library Ode

" New eyes each year Find old books here, And new books,too, Old eyes renew; So youth and age Like ink and page In this house join, Minting new coin. "

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About Library

Welcome to the University Library, established in 1962 along with the establishment of the University of North Bengal. Our mission is to meet the academic and research needs of the university community, including students, research scholars, teachers, officers, and staff. Our collection of books, journals, and current information on various topics is designed to fulfill the needs of every member of the university community, helping them to achieve their objectives.

As the only library in the North Bengal region, we're proud to facilitate research and higher learning by providing books, journals, and other documents to teachers, research scholars, and students. Our library is a three-storied building with a 2662.61 sq. mtr. carpet area, and we also have an Annexe, which is a two-storied building with a 445.52 sq. mtr. carpet area. You'll find us located on the Western side of the University Administrative Building and North of Padmaja Park.

Our library offers a comprehensive range of resources that covers a wide range of fields, including Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, and Management. With the integration of our Library LAN into the campus-wide Network as well as worldwide network, accessing information has become easier for the different academic community. Additionally, we are also proud to offer the state-of-the-art technology that ensures efficient and accurate tracking and transections of books and other materials. Our advanced RFID system allows complete automation in transection of books among the users, while the SOUL3 Library Management System (LMS) works as a backbone to enhance the overall user experience. Combining these cutting-edge technologies, our library is fully equipped to provide the best possible service to fulfill our users’ needs.

We have a Library Committee to regulate Policy, Planning, Processes and all the developmental activities of the library. We're also a member of E shodhSindhu for online subscriptions of journals. The Library LAN has become a part of a campus-wide network, which has made it possible for the academic community of various departments to access information from their adobe. Our committee renders instructions regarding the management of funds set apart for the functioning of the University Library system.

The Chairman of the Library Committee is the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, and the Librarian of the University is Secretary, the Ex-Officio member. We welcome you to come and explore our vast collection of resources and experience the benefits of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Library At a Glance

Library Details

Year of Establishment : 1962
Library open : Monday - Sunday (7 days except holidays)
Library Hours : 10.30 a.m - 5.30 p.m.
Library Extended Hours : 5.30 p.m - 7.30 p.m.
Total Collection (as on 31-03-2023) : 3,09,724
Carpet Area (in sq. meters) : 3108.13
Number of  Employees (Existing) : 36
    a)Professional : 16 (Including officers)
    b)Information Scientist : 1
    (c)Non-professional : 19
Library Access : Open Access & Closed Access
Library Security system : Manual Security, CCTV Surveillance, & RFID Enabled Security Gate
Institutional Membership : IASLIC, ILA, BLA, British Council Library, American Library, DELNET, NDL Club
Status of Automation : Fully Automated
Library Software : SOUL 3.0
Membership of Library Network : INFLIBNET, DELNET
Library Consortia : e-ShodhSindhu Consortium for HE E-Resources
NBU Information Repository :
Library Web Portal :
University Website :

Library Statistics during the FY 2022 - 2023:

Total number of student Members

FY: 2022-2023


Total number of other members

FY: 2022-2023


Average issue/return of books (daily)

FY: 2022-2023


Average number of members visited daily in the library

FY: 2022-2023


SN Particulars 2022-2023 (as on 31.03.2023)


Total number of documents accessioned



Text Books



Reference Books



Rare Books



Bound Periodicals






Non—Print Materials

















SN Particulars 2022-2023










Total number of Journal Purchased


Total number of E-Journals / E-Periodicals, E-Databases available on Online through e-ShodhSindhu Consortium (during the Financial Year 2022-2023):

10,000 (approx.)

Book Issue Details. FY : 2022 - 2023

The total number of books Issued and Reissued per month.

Book return Details. FY : 2022 - 2023

The total number of books Returned per month.

Visitors. FY : 2022 - 2023

The total number of Visitors permonth.


List of services
  • Bibliographic Service
  • Reference Service
  • Information Service
  • Reprography Facilities
  • Internet Facilities
  • Remote Access Facilities for all kind of Online Resources
  • Online Access to Selected Journals through e-ShodhSindhu
  • Database Search through INDCAT-INFLIBNET
  • Study and Research Support Service
  • Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholars
  • Journals of National and International repute
  • Provision for Accessing the Rare Books
  • Lending facilities for books
  • Display of Information regarding the new arrival of Books and Journals
  • Web OPAC
  • Career Guidance Service
  • Resource Sharing/Inter Library Loan
  • Facilities to Retired Teachers, Officers and Employees
  • User Orientation
  • Daily News Papers
  • Facilities for other colleges &Research  Organizations
  • Services extended to Jalpaiguri Campus
  • Plagiarism Checking up of Theses/Dissertations/Articles
  • Self Check Out/In of Books by the user
  • Institutional Repository has rich variety of collection like Thesis, University Publication, Rare Book Collection, Journal Contents, Administrative Documents etc.
  • Access to Online and Offline Census report
  • e-Books and Online Magazine Service
  • Journal Contents Service
  • Facility for Specially-abled Users
  • Scanning Facility (Free)
  • Auto reminder system regarding circulation process
  • Developing Library Network (DELNET) to access Digital Library Resources online


The Central Library, the apex body of all the seminar libraries and one departmental library, is very much efficient to provide quality service.

  • Single faced and double faced stack
  • Magazine display rack
  • Display racks for new arrivals and documents for competitive examinations
  • Notice, guidelines and instructions to users
  • Classification Schemes (DDC & Bangla-Grantha Bargikaran ), Catalogue Code
  • (AACR-II) and Book Mark Tables (C A Cutter’s alphabetic-order table)
  • Semi-automatic cutting machine
  • Classified and Dictionary Catalogue Cabinets
  • Photocopiers
  • WiFi facility
  • Centrally connected generator
  • Facility for spraying insecticides
  • Sufficient number of fire extinguisher
  • Facility for proper ventilation and lights
  • Iron net covered windows
  • Lift for documents transportation
  • Requisite number of reading tables, chairs to facilitate users
  • Suggestions & Complaint Box
  • Shaded Cycle Stand
  • Uninterrupted Power
  • Way for facilities for differently abled persons
  • Periodically sanitization of the library
  • Facility for Specially-abled Users
  • wheelchair for physically challenged users
  • Facility for Specially-abled Users

Library Incorporation

  • E-ShodhSindhu Consortium: The members of the library can access a significant number of online publications for free through E-ShodhSindhu Consortium and the Library provides a very essential and beneficial service for members by offering low-cost online printing of e-resources. The library has also implemented a printing passbook facility service.
  • Open Access: To give the users an option to look through all their requirements. The library provides open access facility.
  • Index Database for Back Volume Periodicals: An initiative is underway to build an index database of back volume publications in order to enable the convenience of accessing all back volume periodicals at a glance.
  • Thesis Index Database: Library has generated the complete thesis index database to create a common platform for all the scholars to look through the index of their ancestors’ works and has also sent the same to the INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad for Union Database.
  • Membership Database: Library has generated the complete computerized membership database of all members by using SOUL 3.0 software.
  • CCTV surveillance: CCTV for electronic surveillance of the library is being implemented.
  • Extended of Information Hub for Students, Teachers & Research Scholars: By establishing an Information Hub with 45 nodes, the library has expanded its services to include checking emails, browsing the internet, and downloading articles for University Students, Teachers, and Research Scholars.
  • RFID tag & Bar Coding: RFID tags & Barcoding of all books has been completed for fast and smooth circulation.
  • Contribution to Union catalogue of INFLIBNET: University library has contributed 1,46,985 data with bibliographical details regarding books, journals, and theses in the union catalogue of INFLIBNET till the date.
  • Institutional Repository (Archive): Using open-source software “DSpace”, the library has launched the University Archive and digital repository to digitize theses, rare books, Departmental publications, and selected University Administrative documents.
  • Digitization of Theses: The ShodhGanga Project of INFLIBNET is helping to establish the library by digitizing old theses and submitted same to the portal of ShodhGanga and the Institutional Repository of the Library.
  • Digitization of University Publication: The library has begun digitizing all departmental publications and storing them in the institutional repository.
  • RFID (Radio-frequency identification): This service is available in the University of North Bengal Central library for Self-Check In/Out, Book drop, Self-Management, Anti-Theft Detection, and Stock verification.
  • Journal Contents Service: Compiled ist of printedjournal contents that are available in online. Follow the link to access

Institutional Membership

DELNET-Developing Library Network, New Delhi is a major resource sharing library Network in India connecting more than 7700 institutions in 33 states in India and few other countries comprising of Universities, Colleges, R&D organizations, medical hospitals, etc. DELNET is devoted to the Modernisation & Networking of Libraries. It was registered as a Society on June 30, 1992. It is located in Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, New Delhi. “Networking Libraries, Sharing and Spreading Knowledge” remains the prime motto of DELNET with which it is working relentlessly for past more than 30 years. DELNET has received the prestigious IIPA Award for Excellence in Public Services on October 30, 2020 announced in the gracious presence of the Hon’ble Former Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu.

The main objectives of DELNET is to promote resource sharing among the Member-Libraries by collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering networked library services to users; to undertake research in the area of information science and technology, offer technical guidance to Member-Libraries; coordinate efforts for suitable collection development; facilitate and promote Inter Library Loan and delivery of documents, etc. DELNET has developed Discovery Portal, Knowledge Gainer Portal and Vision Portal (Video Lectures). The portals have sophisticated features for advance knowledge discovery. It is a simple, single window discovery layer which encourages the users to explore the networked library/knowledge resources offered through DELNET in a feature-rich environment. DELNET is a great boon for faculty, researchers, scholars, students, etc. of Member-Institutions.

DELNET provides access to more than three crore catalogue records of books, journals, articles, etc. through Discovery Portal and also more than one crore and fitly lakh full-text e-books, e-journals & e-articles through Knowledge Gainer Portal. We are pleased to inform you that DELNET has also recently launched ViSiOn Portal which contains Video Recordings or Lectures on varied subjects. Faculty Members of University of North Bengal can also contribute their video lectures on ViSiOn Portal.

To access DELNET databases from University Network through the World Wide Web use the following procedure:

  1. Web Address:
  2. Click onto "New Discovery Portal".
  3. Click onto "Click here to continue".

The British Council library provide access to complete and well-maintained collections, information resources and equipment. The British Council library provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for browsing collection, reading, and networking.

Members may access The British Council Library service on the website:

Interested members may communicate to The Deputy Librarian, University of North Bengal to collect The British Council Library Membership Card and physically visit the library from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 6pm at the following address, -

British Council Division,

British Deputy High Commission,

L & T Chambers, First Floor 16,

Camac Street, Kolkata-700 017.

The British Council library shall welcome members of our University with a high level of service.

The American Library formerly known as the United States Information Service (USIS) Library is a part of the Public Affairs Office of the American Consulate General, Kolkata. Through its various activities and resources, the library aims to promote a better understanding of the policies, values, institutions and culture of the United States. It provides a wide range of current, accurate and authoritative information from a vast selection of print and electronic resources using state-of-the-art technology. The library collection focuses primarily on U.S. government and politics, international relations, economics, business management, social sciences, human rights, American history, American literature and global issues such as environment, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. It maintains approximately 15,000 volumes of books, U.S. government and think tank reports, DVD on current topics, and subscribes to 162 American periodicals and 3 leading American newspapers.

Members may explore digital collection as well (On-site at American spaces only), -

Through eLibraryUSA you can access content in databases like Gale, Encyclopedia Britannica, eBrary, CQ and others specializing in diverse topics (including science, technology, environment, health, social sciences, literature, economics, business administration, English learning, history, and American culture).

The whole American Library collection may be accessed through the computerized Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) available on the Worldwide Web at the link below, -

Interested members may communicate to The Deputy Librarian, University of North Bengal to collect American Library Membership Card and physically visit The American Library from Monday to Friday (10.00 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.) at the following address, -

The American Library

Public Affairs Office, American Center,

38-A, J. L. Nehru Road, Kolkata 700 071.

Tel: 91-33-6827-6300

The American Library shall endeavor to provide members of our University with a high level of personalized service always.


The University Library provides books, journals as well as current information on various topics, computer lab to fulfill the need of our users and their objectives.


Huge Collection

The Library possesses a huge collection of books, thesis papers, printed as well as online journals and many more.

Digital Circulation

We are using RFID system integrated with SOUL 3.0 for a fully digitized Circulation function for giving better service toward our users and ease of access.

Information Hub

Through our Information Hub, we can provide internet access, printing facility, various training program and workshops, and many other services to our users.

Subscribed journals

we have both printed and online journals in various subject fields from various renowned publishers.

Institutional Repository

Our Institutional Repository has a rich variety of collections like thesis, university publications, rare books, Journal Contents, etc.

plagiarism check

Using Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) anti-plagiarism system we provide a plagiarism checking facility for our users to assist them in the best possible way.



Institutional Repository holds, manages, preserves and provides access of digital material generated through the research, teaching and administrative activities of the University.



Online Journals

Search through our vast number of subscribed journals in various subject fields to find the information you need.



Catalogue Search

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allows you to search our rich collection of books and other items.



Census Data

Access digital copies of census India data of different states from our collection.